Devin Gardner

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I am a technology professional specializing in programming, modeling, drafting, and computer hardware. I am always ready and willing to learn.


Software Engineer

MXD Process

My role in this position will be as an internal support-focused Software Engineer. My job responsibilities include: designing, developing, and implementing automated solutions for business processes within the Odoo ERP platform; collaborating with cross-functional teams to gather requirements, identify areas for improvement, and propose solutions; developing and maintaining integration with external systems and APIs to facilitate data exchange and streamline workflows; creating and maintaining thorough documentation of developed systems, including technical specifications, user guides, and troubleshooting guides; debugging, troubleshooting, and resolving issues related to software applications, data integrity, and system performance; providing support and training to end-users on developed solutions, as required; and continuously researching and staying updated on new technologies and best practices relevant to Odoo and Python development.

May 2023 - Present

Wayside Signal Engineer

Railway Signal Systems, Inc.

I was responsible for designing new and modifying existing railroad tracks for one of four of the country's largest railroad companies. In this position I used field surveys and existing plans to accurately and efficiently design safe track layouts for crossings from private roads to interstate highways, signal heads and wiring layouts, rack equipment and wiring layouts, and more. I also helped design and rack test programs that communicate between locations from the largest control points to the smallest manual switches. The rack testing is accurate to the second and provides the safety required by federal law. Additionally, I assisted in calculating necessary braking distances based on elevation changes accurate to the foot.

This position required a high level of patience and attention to detail, as well as a focus on safety and meeting deadlines for one of the most important industries in today's society. This position also required proficiency with Microsoft Office, Windows 10, MicroStation v8i, AutoCAD, and proprietary programs necessary for this industry. I became the company's main point of contact for all IT issues in the office, from simple fixes in Windows 10 all the way to wiring WAGO terminals and switchboards on the rack.

September 2018 - May 2023


Rainbow Design Services, Inc.

I was responsible for designing cable architecture for Comcast, to be built in the field. I handled both newer Fiber Deep architecture projects as well as existing plant extensions.

I made several process guides and several tools in this position. The first guide I made was a specialized guide for working on a specific aspect of our project; it detailed how to complete them, perform QC checks, ensure all information was properly populated in the database, etc. This was shared throughout our four teams at the time. I also assisted other designers in their guide-making process, from providing steps that should be included to reading over them to ensure accuracy.

The tools I made were primarily based in Microsoft Excel and some Visual Basic, and ranged from simple table-style trackers to more complex trackers with background macros and formulas. My last tool I made was for my own usage and tracked how many projects I completed each day, the IDs of those jobs, and the footages associated with those jobs in each category, and then sorts them by date range and compiles them in a weekly or monthly format to view where my goals should've been and whether or not I was meeting them.

July 2016 - September 2018

Counter Intelligence Agent

Geek Squad

My responsibilities in this position included diagnostics and repair on laptop and tablet devices in a timely manner, coordinating with our representatives at several technology manufacturers, and contacting our clients to ensure any repairs done were to the client's satisfaction. This position also included some sales aspects, as Geek Squad service plans are recommended. I took on managerial and supervisory roles in this position as well as the position I held before moving to repair; I was tasked with handling escalations both from the precincts in-store and our corporate offices in my Customer Service role, and training new techs on diagnosis, repair, documentation, customer contact, and workload management in my repair tech role.

January 2015 - June 2016


Programming Languages & Tools
Programming Abilities
  • Database Design (SQLite3, SQL Server)
  • Full Stack Web Development (Django, nginx, CSS, HTML, JavaScript)
  • Web Scraping/Parsing and Data Extraction
  • Generalized Utilities (JSON, XML, algorithms, etc.)

My beginnings with development were in HTML and CSS, in my middle school years. I shifted focus in high school towards Lua and Java, and also began working in AutoCAD for 3D modeling. My experience with Python, Django and associated development tools and packages is more recent. I picked up Python very quickly and within 3-4 weeks was already working on web development and hosting.

My early professional experience was mainly in computer hardware diagnostics and repair, though software quickly became my primary focus in 2015-2016. Since then, I have developed skills in timeline management, organizing projects at the macro and micro levels, and other administrative tasks. In addition to these skills, I have also further developed my development, testing, 3D modeling, and project design skills.

My previous position greatly expanded my skillset with programming, as I was responsible for program writing, modifying, and testing for one of the nation's largest railroad companies. I also developed numerous tools in VBS and Python to automate quite a few of my day-to-day tasks.

Having spent quite a bit of time working on various mathematical and cryptographical challenges on Codewars, I then set my sights on various tools utilizing open source APIs. I built the site in my free time for the popular MMORPG, RuneScape, based on Jagex's own APIs. More information can be found about this on my examples page to the left.

I now work full-time as a Software Engineer utilizing Python to streamline internal processes and maximize overall efficiency in production.


Apart from being a software engineer, I am also a versatile musician. I spend time switching between guitar, bass, piano, drums, composition, and production. Music has remained my longest-lasting hobby, starting from the age of 6. On top of the decades spent playing music, I have also found a love for woodworking, metalworking, and 3D modeling/printing. I gain as much experience as I possibly can in any creative endeavor that presents itself to me.

In addition to playing music, I play video games, trading card games, and tabletop role-playing games as well. I also enjoy sitting down with a sci-fi, fantasy, or action/thriller novel or series from time to time. It's safe to say I keep myself busy day in and day out.

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